Publication Ethics Statement

Duties and responsibility of authors

1. Authors are required to respect the guidelines and citation standards of the journal Ars listed in the Guidelines for Authors section

2. Authors should present the original results of their research. The quality and scope of the paper must meet the standards and level of scientific work in the relevant category of Studies or Materials (Guidelines for Authors).

3. Plagiarism or deliberate publication of false or misleading information is in gross conflict with publishing ethics.

4. The content of the paper must be following the scientific focus of the journal Ars.

5. The authors undertake that the submitted paper is their original work, has not yet been published, or is not in the review process in another journal.

6. If a text has already been published, a thorough revision and/or supplementation is required. The revised and/or supplemented text must include a reference to the original contribution and an emphasis on further contribution to knowledge.

7. Authors should be aware of and correctly cite publications that are relevant to the research work.

8. Authors must state in the text of the article their affiliation (workplace) and possible source of financial research support.

9. The authors are responsible for the correct listing of all co-authors of the paper.

10. Authors are obliged to participate in the review process and to cooperate with the editors in possible corrections of contributions.

Duties and responsibility of reviewers

Review proceedings

In the first round, the studies offered to the editors of the Ars journal go through a process of the basic assessment of whether they meet the content and formal requirements for inclusion in the journal. After acceptance, they go through an anonymous double-peer review process. Reviewers are selected and provided by the journal’s editors. The anonymity of the author is ensured by removing from the text everything that could indicate authorship (name, other personal data, etc.). Reviewers evaluate the scientific level and contribution of the paper, its originality, and method of processing, but also the formal level. The Form is used to prepare a review report. The result of the review procedure together with the decision of the editorial board on acceptance, non-acceptance, resp. the editorial office will notify the author of the revision of the text for publication. The final decision on the publication of the paper is in the competence of the editors. If the text is received, the editors continue to communicate with the authors in the process of editorial preparation.

1. Reviewers are required to maintain the highest degree of objectivity possible when assessing contributions. The personal criticism of the authors is inappropriate.

2. Reviewers should not have a conflict of interest concerning the articles under consideration

3. Reviewers are required to follow the review process independently of the author

4. The review procedure shall be anonymous and confidential

5. Reviewers should draw attention to relevant published works that are not cited in the paper

6. Reviewers are obliged to submit their opinions to the editors within the set deadline.

Duties and responsibility of the editorial board

1. The editorial board of Ars journal may accept, reject or request modifications to the contributions offered to the journal for publication.

2. After delivery of the paper in Slovak, English, or German, the content and formal aspects of the paper will be assessed.

3. The paper will be sent to two assessors for anonymous assessment. Each of them shall make a recommendation for the publication of the manuscript in the submitted form, or recommend its revision or rejection. The manuscript review period is up to 12 weeks.

4. Manuscripts will be assessed in terms of the relevance of their scientific quality and contribution.

5. If both opinions are positive, the text is accepted for publication. If one opinion is positive and the other is negative, the author is invited by the editors to finalize their text following the reviewer’s comments. If both testimonials are negative, the text is rejected.

6. The editors shall ensure that the information concerning the manuscripts of the papers remains confidential. The relationship between the author and the reviewers is mutually anonymous.

Principles of publishing in the journal ARS are following the code of
ethics of publishing experience, in documents of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)